Robb claims her ass

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On Robb's signal, Theon lay down on the table, his knees just on the edge. Sansa, still in her elegant blue dress, climbed on top of him, pulled up her skirts so her lower body was exposed, then fumbled with her smallclothes a bit to free up her cunt and allow the Ironborn to guide his manhood inside her as she sat down on top of him.

Robb grabbed Sansa's buttcheeks and inserted his own member into her asshole. She let out a long moan, but was silenced as Jon appeared, kneeling to the left of Theon's head and stuffing the redhead's mouth with his cock.

They all began to move, randomly at first, everyone trying to get as much friction as possible in Sansa's orifices, but soon they found a rhythm that worked for everyone. Theon was lifting his pelvis to ram into Sansa's pussy while Jon and Robb were guiding her body back and forth, alternating between getting Robb's dick up her ass and taking Jon's manhood down her throat. They fell into a frenzy and nailed Sansa without mercy. Her moans got louder and more pained, but were muffled by her bastard brother's dick in her mouth. Her hair quickly fell in disarray, and Robb put his arms around her to play with her breasts. She almost choked on Jon's cock, but somehow managed to deal with it, and when he came and filled her mouth with cum once again, she swallowed it all. A few seconds later, Theon and Robb both came and filled up her ass and her pussy with their semen. Exhausted, Robb sat back as Sansa rolled off Theon.

"Good girl", he said and started to get dressed again as Jon and Theon did the same. His brother and his friend soon left, and Robb lifted his sister's small, pale body up to carry her to his bed, planning to clean her up a bit. When he got to his bed, he was greeted by the sight of Arya Stark, naked and lying on her stomach on his bed.

"Knew you'd have some fun with her," Arya said, rolling on her back to reveal her succulent breasts and wet pussy, "Why didn't you let me join in?"

"I wanted to see how much she could take," Robb replied, laying her sister on the bed. She looked happy, cum stained and messy, but happy, "She impressed me."

Arya got off the bed and embraced Robb, kissing at his neck. Robb reached his hands down and fondled her ass, enjoying the feeling of closeness with his sister. Arya reached inside of his pants, but Robb stopped her. Curious, she looked up at him.

"I would love to, but we have a big day tomorrow. It'd be better if we got some sleep."

She stroked his penis through his pants, bringing it to attention. "Just a quickie," She pleaded, her innocent voice hard to refuse.

Does Robb have some fun?

A quickie with Arya

The next morning


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